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Closing my craniosacral practice

After much reflection, I have reached a decision to close my craniosacral therapy practice at the end of September 2021. It's a big decision after 17 years in practice, and it comes with some sadness, as well as gratitude for the clients, students, supervisees and colleagues I have had the privilege to work with in that time. From October, I will continue to offer Microbiome Analysis and Wellbeing Coaching sessions online.

(Please note: I am not taking on new clients until October.)

My pre-covid consulting rooms on Harley Street (left) and in Islington (right). Teaching craniosacral practitioners and osteopaths about working with digestive health (centre).


The sudden closure of my in-person practice, when the UK went into lockdown last year, was not at all the ending to my craniosacral work I would have ever chosen. I had fully intended to return to hands-on practice as soon as I could, but the ongoing impact of the pandemic has been a major factor in this decision. I'm of course happy to recommend craniosacral practitioners to anyone seeking ongoing treatment, and I can provide handover for anyone working with me in 2019/20, if that would be helpful.

If we have worked together at any time in the last 17 years, and you would like to book a session or more to find closure in our work together, please do contact me to book a 50min or 25min online session or phone call – available until the end of September. I’m also open to an email exchange if that would feel better to you, or you can leave me a message through my feedback form. It will always be a pleasure to hear from you.


I have individually contacted everyone I was working with in the 6 months prior to March 2020. However, I am sending gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you I have had the privilege to accompany in your healing journey over the years. It truly has been an honour, and every single one of you has contributed to my growth as a practitioner and as a fellow human being. Thank you so much!


As you may know, I have long been committed to working with those who have fatigue conditions. Being at the forefront of working with the gut microbiome in Long Covid feels the right place to be when there is currently such a great need. The importance of the microbiome in our health, immunity and inflammation has never been more widely recognised, and a decision to close my craniosacral practice is also a decision to focus on my microbiome work.

I have contacted individually everyone who worked with me in the 6 months prior to March 2020, and informed all those who gave me their email address to receive news about my practice. If you have worked with me or are subscribed to my email list, and have not received my email, please check your spam and let me know your current email address if you would like to hear about my practice in future.

Viola Sampson BSc is a Microbiome Analyst practising in London UK and online. You can book a consultation, or get in touch to find out more.

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