and tutorials


Professional supervision facilitates an invigorating, empowering and rewarding exploration of all aspects of your practice and professional development, while maintaining a commitment to client confidentiality. I am passionate about supporting the learning processes of craniosacral practitioners in training, so I also offer tutorials and supervised practice sessions to students and graduates. Please see below for further information on my training, teaching experience and accreditation.

Professional supervision

I offer contemplative supervision to craniosacral practitioners who have more than two years in practice, and to other complementary healthcare professionals, looking for a safe and confidential space to explore their practice.

Individual, face-to-face: £75 for 50mins

Groups (2–3 practitioners): £150–165 for

1h40 with 30mins each for individual focus.


Specialist clinical supervision

I also offer specialist clinical supervision to craniosacral practitioners and other complementary healthcare professionals working with chronic fatigue conditions, such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. These sessions can include tutorials on the autonomic nervous system dysregulation underlying fatigue conditions.

Face-to-face, by phone or skype: £75 for 50mins

Groups (2–3 practitioners): £150–165 for
1h40 with 30mins each for individual focus.

Tutorials for students and graduates

Tutorials on anatomy and physiology, and craniosacral therapy.

Individual: £95 for 50mins

Group (2–4 students): £120 for 50mins or £190 for 100mins

Supervised practice sessions

One to one attention on all aspects of your practice, with joint hands-on sessions to support your palpation skills. 

Student/graduate plus practice client: £80 for 50mins 

Two students/graduates: £160 for 1h40

Please contact me directly for bookings. Appointments can be by phone or online, as well as face to face.

Training and accreditation

Following an early career in medical biosciences, my training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy at the respected London college, the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (CTET), was accredited by the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings (IABT). As a registered practitioner throughout my 15 years in craniosacral practice, I valued the Craniosacral Therapy Association's (CSTA) code of ethics in practice and remained committed to continued professional development.


I have completed a CSTA-accredited training in Contemplative Supervision, based on the Core Process psychotherapeutic approach developed by the Karuna Institute. For my own practice, I valued regular professional supervision with a UKCP-accredited supervisor, as well as peer supervision.

Having trained at CTET in 2004/6 (with Claire Dolby, Colin Perrow, Ged Sumner and Michael Kern), I am committed to my own continuing professional development, including advanced craniosacral training with pioneers in the cranial field (these have included Ged Sumner, Katherine Ukleja, Michael Shea, Mike Boxhall, Paul Vick and Steve Haines).


I continue my professional development with specialist trainings outside the cranial field that broaden my clinical skills, including working with trauma. have studied with leading microbiome researchers, and have completed a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider training course, including nutrition and lifestyle considerations. I continue with mentorship and peer learning with some of the world's leading microbiome practitioners. I value collaboration with healthcare practitioners in the UK and internationally as I develop my practice.

Teaching experience

I continue to provide seminars to professional associations and independent CPD programmes. I have taught advanced seminars to qualified craniosacral therapists and cranial osteopaths for CTET, and assisted on both undergraduate and postgraduate trainings with CTET and Body Intelligence. I have also taught on CTET’s Living Anatomy foundation training and supervised Body Intelligence student clinics.