Microbiome Analysis

empowering you with information

It's well known that what we eat powerfully affects our overall health, but do we think about how we might be feeding (or starving) our gut bacteria? Microbiome Analysis takes much of the guesswork out of improving gut health, and can empower you with information to guide treatment decisions, track progress and best support your overall health. I give you advice on healthy eating tailored to your gut bacterial profile, and can combine this with craniosacral treatment where that would be beneficial.

As a craniosacral therapist with a special interest in digestive health and related conditions, I am committed to integrating the latest research into my practice. I am one of the first practitioners in the UK offering this kind of Microbiome Analysis – drawing on my background as a biomedical research scientist, as well as cutting edge trainings on the microbiome and peer-reviewed medical research in this exciting, emerging field. 


While the roles of the majority of the bacteria in our gut are so far poorly understood, some of them are well studied and understood to play an important beneficial role, and others are now known to cause symptoms when the gut ecosystem is out of balance.  Changes in the composition of the community of microscopic life in our guts, known as the microbiome, has now been linked to an astonishing array of health conditions – from gut disorders such as IBS, to autoimmune diseases, obesity, and even depression and anxiety.


The early stages of research and the unique composition of each individual’s microbiome make Microbiome Analysis a pioneering approach. Research clearly demonstrates that certain foods can directly change the balance of the microbiome, and that particular foods promote the growth of specific bacteria. Microbiome Analysis allows these insights to be applied in practice to a wide range of health conditions – to support digestive health, but also mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Microbiome stool tests

I use one of the leading companies using advanced genetic sequencing to give you a full breakdown of all the bacteria making up your gut microbiome. Their home-testing kits are easy to order and use, while giving you comprehensive results. These tests, using a simple swab, are very different to standard stool culture tests as they provide data on all the bacteria in your gut and their overall balance (not just certain species that can survive lab conditions). 

Microbiome Analysis consultations

I analyse the stool test results in depth, taking a detailed look at the balance of the different kinds of bacteria found in your gut, and talk you through the results in a consultation – face to face or online. I provide you with all the details you need to make healthy eating choices, in order to support your gut microbiome to shift to a composition associated with health.

Microbiome Analysis fees:

Session fees range from £95 for 30mins and £165 for 50mins.

  • The process starts with a 50 minute first consultation at £165, to look at your health, diet and lifestyle and goals for treatment (this includes a food diary).

  • The stool test kit is ordered directly from the testing company and costs £125 with my practitioner discount.

  • Once you have received your stool test results, then follows a 50 minute data analysis consultation at £285. This fee includes the consultation plus extensive data analysis prior to our consultation and provision of detailed written information on your results, my findings and recommendations.

  • 30 minute online follow-up sessions cost £95.
    50 minute follow-ups cost £165.

  • Very occasionally, a data analysis consultation alone is sufficient, but for most comprehensive support, I recommend a discounted package of four sessions at £600 (payable in two instalments) consisting of the pre-consult, the data consult, as well as two 30 minute follow-ups at around 3 and 6 weeks to track progress.  

  • 15min phone calls and brief email conversations are free. I offer a 30min phone consultation for people wanting to discuss in more detail whether Microbiome Analysis is right for them.

All sessions can be booked online. A cancellation fee is charged for consultations cancelled or rearranged at less than 48h notice.

Please note: the test results and the Microbiome Analysis consultations do not include or substitute medical advice, nor do they provide a diagnosis of any condition. I do not advise on medication and any changes in medication should always be made in consultation with your prescriber. Some dietary or lifestyle recommendations may require consultation with your nutritionist, GP or other health practitioner.

Trust and independence is important to me, and so I do not accept commission or affiliate fees for any of the probiotic or prebiotic supplements I may recommend. I also pass on any commission or affiliate fees as discounts to my clients whenever this is possible. This is so you can be completely sure I only recommend these supplements on the basis of quality and in the interest of your health, and not for any financial gain. 

Appointments are available at The Integrated Practice, Harley Street in London on Friday afternoons, or online on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and Friday afternoons.

Craniosacral therapy and microbiome analysis in Islington, North London, and Harley Street, Central London.