Workshops and seminars

with Viola Sampson BSc RCST BCST


I am currently offering a new series of webinars on the latest research showing a likely role for the microbiome in preventing the most severe symptoms of COVID-19, together with steps you can take to support microbiome health. For more information please follow this link.


I also run fermentation workshops online, for anyone wanting to nurture their gut health and learn to make homemade foods that contain live beneficial bacteria, including sauerkraut, fermented pestos and ketchups.


I teach seminars on the human microbiome and areas of special interest to natural healthcare practitioners. 

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What people say about my seminars and workshops:


“I like Viola’s method and approach to teaching – calm, clear and light hearted.”

“It opened up a whole new understanding… I think this will add a new dimension to my skills as a practitioner.”

"The workshops are fun, creative and full of very useful tips and facts. They really make me want to get to the chopping board and experiment..."

 “I love all the detailed information, gems of info – unknown ‘til now, interspersed with video and visual content. I am very grateful for this fascinating presentation."

“It has provided me with information that will change the way I work and view the human body.”

No upcoming events at the moment