Viola Sampson


I have been practising as a craniosacral therapist for more than a decade, with a special interest in fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, as well as trauma recovery and digestive health.


Having taught natural healthcare practitioners about microbiome in recent years, I am one of the first practitioners in the UK to offer Microbiome Analysis; giving healthy eating advice tailored to my clients' unique gut bacterial profile.

I am a registered member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA), setting high standards of training and practice, and am accountable to the CSTA’s Code of Ethics in Practice. I value ongoing professional supervision with an accredited supervisor. I am committed to advancing my professional development and incorporate the latest approaches into my work.

Background and interests

My own experience of ME/CFS over fifteen years, led me to try a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches, and I trained in craniosacral therapy as I found the treatment to be central to my recovery. With this personal experience, together with focused professional development, I offer specialist craniosacral treatments for those with chronic fatigue conditions

My background is in medical biosciences (molecular biology and neuroscience as a published research scientist), and in 25 years of environmental and human rights work. Studies in ecopsychology and a chi kung practice also inform my work. From the personal to the planetary, I am interested in how our relationship to our world affects our wellbeing as a whole.

For more on my training, accreditation and teaching experience, please see information on supervision and tutorials.