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Your feedback is truly valued!

I am so pleased to have now added a feedback form to my website! This will allow people to give me feedback on any aspect of my practice; whether that’s a one-to-one session, my online booking system, or even the information I give on my facebook or instagram profiles!

Feedback is so valuable – it helps me grow as a practitioner and improve what I can offer you. It can also benefit the person offering the feedback, perhaps by giving a sense of satisfaction or completion. I created this form as I wanted people to be able to give me anonymous feedback, or to request a response to written feedback, if they’d prefer.

As a healthcare practitioner who tailors my approach to each individual, I am continuously learning. I always welcome feedback on any aspect of my practice – in sessions, over email and now through this form. Some people give feedback at the time, while others may give feedback days, weeks or even years afterwards.

Some people want to be able to tell me how they have benefited from our work together, while some want to provide testimonials to help others choose the right practitioner for them. It’s important to me that no-one ever feels pressure to provide a testimonial, so I never request one. Now, however, people have the opportunity to offer one if they choose to (using a check box on the feedback form).

It can sometimes feel difficult to offer critical feedback, but it can be really beneficial for your therapeutic process, as well as my professional development. Please know you can expect me to make the time to reflect fully on your feedback, and be respectful of your experience, non-defensive and grateful for your perspective – always. If you have some feedback you want to share, please use the feedback form, I look forward to hearing from you!

Viola Sampson BSc RCST is a microbiome analyst and craniosacral therapist practising in London, UK and online. To book an appointment, please use online booking or to make an enquiry, please use the contacts form.

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