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Five easy steps to open a pomegranate!

Pomegranates are such great microbiome boosters — they help shift your gut bacterial profile towards a balance that protects against inflammation. But I used to avoid them, as removing the seeds, was just too annoying and fiddly when the only way I knew was cutting them in half and attacking them repeatedly with a wooden spoon! Then I learned this trick — and now I’ve made you this video to share the joy.

Five steps to easily open a pomegranate:

  1. Cut around the top and peel off to reveal the segments.

  2. Slice through the skin along the segments

  3. Gently prize open

  4. Peel off any pith

  5. Coax the seeds out into a bowl (or your mouth)!

What are your favourite pomegranate recipes? I find them delicious garnishing winter stews, or in a pomegranate and parsley rice salad. I also love to scatter them on roast veg with a lemon tahini dressing. For these and other microbiome-boosting recipe ideas, please check out my Instagram feed.

Viola Sampson BSc RCST BCST is a Microbiome Analyst practising in London UK and online. For appointments, please book online.

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