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Plant-based chilli recipe

Plant-based recipes are great for supporting microbiome health, but ultra-processed meat substitutes are not. Here's an original recipe that takes a typical meat-eaters dish and gives it a microbiome-boosting uplift.

I’m not a fan of the ultra-processed plant-based meat substitutes now available. All the microbiome-boosting prebiotic goodness that comes with plant protein has been processed out, for a start. What can you use instead?

If you’re looking to go plant-based or reduce meat consumption, but want the protein and umami flavours, you won’t be disappointed by this tempeh chilli. Originating in Indonesia, tempeh is made of fermented soybeans. We benefit from increased available nutrients thanks to the fermentation process, as well as umami and prebiotics. This original recipe must be a fusion foods crime as it's inspired by a classic Tex-Mex dish.

🧅 Finely chop a large onion or two, start gently frying in a pan. (I use extra virgin olive oil.)