Wild fermentation workshops
Learn how to make probiotic pickles
Learn the art of lactofermentation
and discover its health benefits.
This ancient art of food preservation has been disappearing ever since the invention of the fridge and tin canning. As a result, the communities of friendly bacteria, living on and in our bodies, have become depleted. They form our microbiome, and scientists are now linking disruptions in the human microbiome to many illnesses; from asthma to obesity, from autism and IBS, to cancers and mental health.
Learn simple techniques and the kitchen science
behind lactofermentation, so you can replenish your
microbiome with delicious probiotic foods that are far more lively and diverse than probiotic tablets, and far more tasty than vinegar pickles.
These are both culinary workshop and tasting experience, microbial magic and practical exploration. You will have a chance to taste a range of pickles. Then you’ll get chopping, and learn more practical tips, so you can take these skills – and a jar of your own unique pickles – home to continue the adventure.
Having previously worked with bacteria in laboratory settings, I was lucky enough to learn wild fermentation practices from fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz. I love collaborating with bacteria – now in the kitchen – and am passionate
about pickling and sharing the delights of richly probiotic foods.
Here's what people are saying
about these workshops:
"What a brilliant day, light, refreshing, immaculately presented and organised and so positive. Great to do something different. I had a wonderful day off, in good company."
“Beautiful setting, loved it.” "Informative, friendly, practical, light hearted.”
“I really liked the diversity of people and the hands on approach. It was really good to get to taste the end products to have something to aim for.”
I also enjoy running workshops on the human microbiome for natural healthcare practitioners. I advertise these, and the fermentation workshops, on my facebook page.
For workshop dates, please see my events page. Or to organise a workshop please email me directly – I’m available for CPD group sessions and other bookings.
Learn about the fascinating emerging field of the human microbiome and its role in health. Workshops for natural healthcare practitioners.
Information and ongoing support for people who have come to my lactofermentation workshops.
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