Wellbeing coaching

to support you through lock down, self-isolation and social distancing

Wellbeing coaching has always been part of my natural healthcare practice, because if clients can find the ways that best suit them live a healthy life, and navigate their therapeutic process in a resourceful way, then they hold the keys to their resilience, health and wellbeing themselves. These life skills apply more than ever during lockdown.

With my bodywork and Microbiome Analysis skills combined, I can offer:

  • support and information for you to identify strategies and resources for staying healthy in your unique situation – psychologically and physically;

  • healthy eating advice to support your microbiome health within the restrictions of lockdown and self-isolation;

  • lifestyle advice to promote deep sleep and support a healthy digestion and sleep/wake cycle;

  • guided body awareness exercises to lower stress levels, access resources and promote feelings of calm;

  • a safe space to share your concerns about the impact of coronavirus on your life and any underlying health condition, without you having to hold space for another person’s experience;

  • encouragement to help you commit to your plans and reach your goals;

  • ongoing emotional support and contact through this challenging time;

  • a time in your week to positively focus on your health.


The first session is 50 minutes, and after that, 25 minute and 50 minute sessions are available, depending on your needs.

Please note: I will not recommend supplements or natural remedies outside my scope of practice, nor will I provide information on COVID-19 symptoms or management beyond what's published on the NHS or WHO websites or related sites. I will be as informed as possible about the evolving situation and direct you to suitable sources for anything outside of my expertise.

I have a professional account with Zoom conferencing software that is easy to use with your usual internet browsing software on your phone, tablet or desktop.

I also offer hands-on, live and interactive fermenting workshops online where you can learn the theory and skills for making your own sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables, to add diversity and live bacteria to your diet during this time.

Schedule in a time to focus positively on your health and strategies to stay well mentally and physically during these challenging times. I'm drawing on 15 years as a natural healthcare practitioner and my background in medical biosciences to offer online coaching during lockdown and social distancing, where you can process the huge changes we're all facing, as well as develop new habits and practices that support your overall wellbeing.


Please see below for further information and my training and accreditation. A certain number of these sessions are FREE to NHS staff and other frontline healthcare workers (eg care home and hospice workers) as well as some other key workers. Please contact me for a booking code.

Training and accreditation

Following an early career in medical biosciences, my training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy at the respected London college, the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (CTET), was accredited by the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings (IABT). As a registered practitioner, I am bound by the Craniosacral Therapy Association's (CSTA) code of ethics in practice and am committed to continued professional development. I value regular professional supervision with a UKCP-accredited supervisor, as well as peer supervision.

As well as offering teaching and supervision to healthcare practitioners, I continue my own professional development with specialist trainings outside the cranial field that broaden my clinical skills, including working with trauma. have studied with leading microbiome researchers, and have completed a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider training course, including nutrition and lifestyle considerations. I value collaboration with healthcare practitioners in the UK and internationally as I develop my practice.

Craniosacral therapy and microbiome analysis in Islington, North London, and Harley Street, Central London.