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Microbiome Analysis

Practitioner resources

Here you will find:

For other useful resources, please see my blog.

A few practitioners have asked me how to calculate the percentages in the new Thryve microbiome test results so I thought I would do a quick video tutorial! I also cover how to sort and filter results easily.

Please note, in order to protect client confidentiality, these are my personal results. 


Are you wanting to recommend foods that are high in antioxidants or polyphenols to your clients? This table shows the polyphenol and antioxidant content of almost 100 different foods. The foods are ranked by serving size (not weight), because some of the foods richest in polyphenols, such as spices, we only eat in small amounts. This makes it a great practical source of information for clients looking to support their microbiome.

Eat rainbow foods weekly chart

Are you wanting to support your client to increase the diversity of plant foods in their diet? This Eat the Rainbow chart lists foods that are high in polyphenol content and different colours. Your client can print this out and stick up in their kitchen, to help them shop and choose foods that are diverse in colour. If they can note a different food in each the boxes, they will have eaten more than 40 different plant foods that week.

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