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Information for clients

on the new coronavirus COVID-19

Hands washing with soap

What I request of clients can be summarised as: Please wash your hands on arrival, and if you have reason to think you may expose others to COVID-19, please switch to online or phone sessions, or cancel your appointment. Please read the section on this below for more detail. 



Current information indicates that most people who catch COVID-19 will endure a mild illness for 1–2 weeks, and won't need hospital treatment. However, it’s important to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus to ensure our medical resources are available for those who do need it, including the elderly and those with medical conditions who are most at risk. 

I am not in a high-risk category myself, however I work with immunosuppressed clients and those over 60 years with health conditions. I need to do all I can to prevent transmitting coronavirus and making sure I (and my colleagues where I work) can stay in practice for clients who rely on sessions.


What you can expect from me and the clinics I work in

As a practitioner in a healthcare setting, I would like to reassure you that my clinics are committed to the health and safety of all visitors and we have put in place several measures as precautions. 


  • I wash my hands thoroughly on arrival at clinic and between every client. 

  • I take my body temperature before clinic and will cancel sessions if I have even a low-grade fever or other symptoms. 

  • I offer online or phone sessions to all existing clients (see below for more details) and encourage all Microbiome Analysis clients to choose an online session at this time.

  • High-touch surfaces such as door handles in both clinic spaces are sanitised at least once a day, and between clients.

  • Soap and water is available for clients to use at both clinics.  

  • There are tissues available in the waiting areas and therapy rooms.

  • I always use couch roll on the treatment table.

  • If I contract COVID-19, I may need to supply contact details to NHS officials of those clients who have had in-person contact with me during a certain time period (currently 14 days). I commit to following good therapeutic confidentiality practices in doing this. Please email me beforehand if you are concerned about this.

  • I commit to communicating any significant information about my practice by email, and where possible by phone or text for those clients with upcoming appointments.

  • I am taking care of my own health, by following good hygiene practices elsewhere too, practising reasonable social distancing and I currently have no international travel plans.



What I request from you


  • Please wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival. Both my clinics have bathrooms with washbasins, on the ground floor and top floor. Please don’t use the kitchen area to wash your hands.


  • Please request an online session, or cancel your session, if you have returned from the locations identified as high risk areas, including China or Italy in the past 14 days, or if you have had in-person contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 – even if you do not have symptoms. Please check this government information for returning travellers to see if the area you have travelled from is now included.

  • Please request an online session or cancel your session if you develop a headache, runny nose, even a mild dry cough or flu symptoms or a fever (37.3 or more), or if you have had any of these symptoms within the last 7 days. If you have been in close contact with anyone who has these symptoms (eg someone you live with), please also switch to an online session. Please note, you will be turned away from HLC reception if you’re displaying cold or flu symptoms. If you have these symptoms get advice from NHS online to see what steps you need to take about testing and treatment.


  • Please continue to be respectful of my cancellation policy. Where possible, I may demonstrate some flexibility on cancellation fees if an online appointment isn’t possible and you are instructed to self-isolate or you develop symptoms within the cancellation fee period. This is because it’s important for others (including the whole clinic) that you cancel rather than attend. However when you consider requesting that flexibility, please be respectful of my time and income, as well as those clients who were unable to book that session. If you're wondering if you're developing symptoms, you’re of course welcome to keep the appointment and see if you still have symptoms on the day, but if you choose to do that, please offer to pay the cancellation fee. Otherwise please cancel at the earliest opportunity.


  • Please refer to NHS website for the latest advice and visit 111 online if you suspect you may have COVID-19 symptoms. 


Please email me to: ask any questions about this information; to transfer any existing appointment to online; or to cancel or rearrange an appointment at 127 Harley Street. To cancel or rearrange an appointment in Islington, please call HLC reception as usual on 020 7704 6900.


Online or phone sessions are available


I am happy for any client to request online or phone sessions at any point up to midday on the day of the appointment. If I am instructed to self-quarantine, I will offer online sessions as long as I am well enough to do so. I have a professional account with Zoom conferencing software that is not only easy to use with your usual internet browsing software, it has the level of confidentiality and security that is appropriate for therapy practice.


I now encourage all Microbiome Analysis clients to choose an online session, and where possible Craniosacral Therapy clients too. While craniosacral sessions don't translate fully to an online setting, I can continue to offer the guided body awareness practices that often form part of craniosacral sessions, as well as continuity of contact until we are able to resume craniosacral treatment.


Everyone will have an individual response to the current situation, depending on many factors, such as health status or elder care commitments. If you are not concerned, we need not take time in your session to discuss the situation. 


Likewise if you are concerned we can discuss your individual situation in sessions or during an online/phone consultation, and support you to make informed decisions about your ongoing microbiome analysis or craniosacral treatment, look at ways to support your emotional wellbeing and mental health during this period, or explore other plans with regard to COVID-19, within my scope of practice. I will be as informed as possible and direct you to suitable sources where your questions are outside of my expertise.

As the situation with the new coronavirus COVID-19 continues to evolve, I'm writing to let you know what you can expect from me as your healthcare practitioner and what I request from clients when attending appointments. The following has been guided by the latest NHS and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.

The situation is likely to change over the coming days and weeks. I will endeavour to keep this page up to date for my practice, and inform current clients of any significant changes by email – or by phone or text for those with existing appointments.

This page was last updated on Friday 13 March.



Information for clients

- What you can expect from me

- What I request from you

- Online or phone sessions are available

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I am happy for other healthcare practitioners to copy and adapt this for their own practice, at their own responsibility.

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