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Harley Street

Craniosacral Therapy and Microbiome Analysis


To arrange an appointment at The Integrated Practice, Harley Street, on a Friday afternoon 2:10–7pm, please use online booking


Craniosacral therapy sessions cost £165 and last 50 minutes. Microbiome Analysis session fees vary, with the first session £165 for 50 minutes. Please see Microbiome Analysis for further details. 


Getting to The Integrated Practice


The nearest tube station is Regents Park, about 5 minutes walk to 127 Harley Street.

Please use the buzzer for main reception to enter. My clinic room is on the third floor – you can use the stairs or the lift. There is a waiting room on the ground floor and third floor.

The Integrated Practice

127 Harley Street

London W1G 6AZ

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