Harley Street

Craniosacral Therapy and Microbiome Analysis

To arrange an appointment at The Integrated Practice, Harley Street, on a Friday afternoon 2:10–7pm, please use online booking


Craniosacral therapy sessions cost £165 and last 50 minutes. Microbiome Analysis session fees vary, with the first session £165 for 50 minutes. Please see Microbiome Analysis for further details. 


Getting to The Integrated Practice


The nearest tube station is Regents Park, about 5 minutes walk to 127 Harley Street.

Please use the buzzer for main reception to enter. My clinic room is on the third floor – you can use the stairs or the lift. There is a waiting room on the ground floor and third floor.

The Integrated Practice

127 Harley Street

London W1G 6AZ

Craniosacral therapy and microbiome analysis in Islington, North London, and Harley Street, Central London.