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The microbiome and COVID webinar series

How to nourish your gut microbiome in times of COVID-19: a three-part webinar series

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The microbiome and COVID webinar series
The microbiome and COVID webinar series

Available until 30 June

29 Jun 2020, 18:00 – 19:00 BST

Online sessions (Zoom)

About the webinars

6–7pm, Mondays (22 June)* 29 June and 6 July 

*Webinar 1 was on Monday 22 June, so if you missed it, you can catch up on the recording!*

The latest medical research indicates a likely role for gut bacteria in preventing the most severe symptoms of COVID19, and several of the groups at risk of severe COVID19 have a similar microbiome profile. This series of three webinars is for anyone wanting to understand recent research on COVID19 and the gut microbiome so they can make informed decisions about their diet to support microbiome health.

For more details, including webinar outlines, please see

• Webinar 1 includes an introduction to the gut microbiome and its role in health and disease as well as the current evidence on the role of the gut microbiome in COVID19. 

• Webinar 2 includes an overview of the gut microbiome’s role in immunity and inflammation, and the role of inflammation in the most dangerous COVID symptoms, as well as the changes in the gut microbiome associated with older age and food-based clinical trials on supporting microbiome health from middle age. 

• Webinar 3 includes information on the causes of microbiome imbalances and other lifestyle considerations, together with an exploration of the potential roles of probiotics in protecting us from severe COVID 

Each webinar concludes with clear steps to take that week to support a healthy microbiome balance now and in the future. 

Webinar places are limited to allow for questions.

Participants will receive a copy of all slides, fully referenced with the medical literature cited, as well as optional worksheets and information sheets. Each session last 1 hour, with around 45mins of presentation, followed by time for questions.  Recordings will be available for registered participants, for one month after the webinar. 

A small number of discounted places are available for lower-waged frontline keyworkers and free places for BAME keyworkers. Please contact me for a booking code if you require one of these. Otherwise please consider selecting a ticket option that includes sponsoring discounted or free place to make more places available to people who need them.

About Viola Sampson BSc RCST BCST 

Following an early career as a published medical research scientist, Viola has practised as a complementary healthcare practitioner for almost 15 years – specialising in chronic conditions and digestive health. She offers Microbiome Analysis using modern stool testing to tailor healthy eating advice to an individual's unique gut bacterial profile, and to prescribe targeted prebiotics and probiotics and lifestyle considerations to support overall health. 


  • Webinars 1–3

    All three webinars in the series (webinar 1 recorded only, webinars 2 and 3 live)

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  • Webinars 1–3 + free place

    A ticket for you while sponsoring a free place for a BAME key worker. The cost of the free place will be refunded to you if it's not used.

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  • Webinars 1–3 + 25% discount

    Purchase your ticket and also sponsor a discounted place for a lower-waged key worker. Your sponsorship will be applied to 25% discounts (or put towards larger discounts) and refunded to you if not used.

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  • Webinars 1–3 + 50% discount

    Purchase your ticket and also sponsor a discounted place for a lower-waged key worker. Your sponsorship will be applied to grant 2x25%, 1x50% or put towards a 100% discount, and refunded to you if not used.

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  • Webinars 2& 3 only

    For people who have already completed webinar 1. This gives you access to the second and third webinars (live or recorded).

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