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Viola Sampson BSc MCMA
Registered and Certified Microbiome Analyst

A portrait of Viola Sampson

As a registered microbiome analyst practising in London and online, I work with clients all around the world. I am committed to an inclusive practice, with a special interest in chronic fatigue conditions, including Long Covid.

I am not taking on new clients or mentoring until 2025. Please consider booking an appointment with my team of Associates at The Microbiome GroupIf you'd like me to contact you when I am taking on new clients, please add your name here.

Health coaching

I'm drawing on 15 years as a natural healthcare practitioner to offer online coaching, where you can understand the challenges you're facing, as well as develop new habits and practices that support your overall wellbeing. My approach includes trauma-informed practice, as well as food and lifestyle information to support microbiome health.

I am not currently taking on new coaching clients, while I focus on my microbiome practice.

Microbiome analysis

Microbiome analysis empowers you with information to support dietary and lifestyle changes to promote your overall health and wellbeing. I use a detailed profile of the bacteria in your gut to give you healthy eating advice to encourage microbiome health.

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and seminars

I offer supervision and mentoring to complementary health professionals in the UK and internationally. I also offer tutorials to practitioners in training. 

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I enjoy teaching for professional associations and colleges, and offer seminars independently.

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Connect with my practitioner-only Facebook group for health professionals integrating microbiome theory into their practice.

Microbiome analysis is not considered a substitute for conventional western medicine, although people often invest in treatment having exhausted all that the NHS and conventional medicine has to offer them. I do not provide diagnosis of any condition, and some dietary or lifestyle recommendations may require consultation with your nutritionist, GP or other healthcare practitioner. 


The information in this website reflects my professional experiences, my own opinions and the opinions of others. The service I offer is intended to complement, rather than replace, conventional medical advice and care. I am always happy to work alongside conventional medical practitioners, including your GP, as well as psychotherapists and other complementary therapists, and I welcome collaboration at your request.

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