Further resources
Information on fatigue conditions
Information sheets
I have compiled some information sheets on areas I have found to be important in supporting people with fatigue conditions. They are downloadable as PDFs. If you find them useful, please feel free to forward them to others.
Supporting yourself through recovery
For many people, the activities and relationships that were everyday supports are no longer possible when suffering fatigue. To heal, you need to be well resourced – this often means finding new ways of supporting yourself. Once you are recovered, these tools and resources can also enrich your life.
Stress and anxiety: strategies and tools
Many of the symptoms suffered by those who have fatigue conditions can be explained by a chronic disruption to the body’s systems for responding to stress. This interrupts the body’s ability to access healing. Sometimes traumatic experiences trigger the onset of illness and make recovery harder. This information sheet outlines practical strategies for lowering anxiety levels, as well as for managing responses to traumatic experiences, so that your body’s healing responses can ensure your recovery.
Stress and anxiety: isolation and getting support
Chronic fatigue conditions can be very isolating, and most people will need therapeutic support to recover. This information sheet gives some ideas on how to get support when feeling isolated, ideas for connecting with others, as well as options when seeking professional support.
Pacing rest and activity
Pacing is a vital skill in the recovery of chronic fatigue. It prevents your body from becoming too depleted and allows some of your energy to be directed towards healing. Accessing a rest state allows the body to heal, and this underlies the effectiveness of craniosacral treatment as well as pacing.
Further online information
As well as an extensive website, Action for ME provide telephone information and support, and their membership magazine has excellent articles. They have campaigned for more research, better treatments and services since 1987. They run support groups in London and elsewhere for people with ME, their carers, family and friends. Their Services Directory is a database of 1300 services including UK support groups, advice agencies, GPs and dentists, NHS clinics and private practitioners.
The ME Association offers support and information to people with ME, their families and carers. They run a helpline, and an information page on facebook. There are support and social groups in London (and across the UK) for people with fatigue conditions, families and carers. Their unmoderated support group can also be found on facebook that has a large following.
Set up by two practitioners who have developed a new integrated approach to ME/CFS, this website has extensive resources, including video interviews with practitioners, self help audio clips and EFT techniques as well as recommended books and CDs. You Wellbeing offers the Quartz Programmes – individual and group programmes to create a framework and tool kit for people to understand their condition and how to address various factors that influence sustainable recovery.
The Optimum Health Clinic  focuses primarily on specialist nutrition and psychological approaches to treatment of ME and fatigue conditions. They offer a focussed 90 day treatment programme as well as individual sessions. Their website has informative videos outlining their approach, and stories of people sharing their experiences of recovery.
Here you can find online resources and further information to support your craniosacral treatment. I continually update this page, so please let me know what works well for you and I can add to this resource for others.